Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

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We have begun work in a very impoverished rural community. I went to visit the families and tiny school and can say that around 206 children live on the margins of society. Most of them don’t go to school and suffer from severe poverty and neglect.

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Malina2This is Malina. She is 12 years old and goes to the local secondary school. Malina lives with her mother who has metabolic syndrome and learning disabilities and her elderly grandmother who is also ill. The three of them live in one, tiny old room where they cook, live and sleep. The condition of the room is life-threatening because the ceiling is so dilapidated and mouldy that it can collapse at any time. Each rain shower or snow increases the risk. Each time I visit them I am inspired by their kindness, humour and strength. They may be poor but they are a beautiful family with a strong bond of togetherness.

We want to build Malina, her mother and grandmother a small, new house. We have appealed to the local authority to collaborate with us and help with some of the funding. The mayor has responded and assured that he will support us (planning permission, free labourers, etc.). 

KenilworthCraftGroupFor some years now these wonderful ladies from the Abbey Hill URC church craft group Kenilworth have been knitting the most beautiful garments for our kids in Romania. Thank you for using your skills to help impoverished children! Thank you for the love and kindness you show our kids.




MalinaNew Birthday Cake Project - Our sweet Malina turned 12 this week and Iulia did a special home visit to deliver Malina's first ever birthday cake, along with some balloons. Malina has never been able to celebrate her birthday or have a cake before.

A small gesture on our part but an unforgettably, wonderful memory to cherish for Malina who lives in dire poverty with her learning disabled mum and sick, elderly grandmother. All three live and sleep in one tiny room which barely fits two, old, single beds. If you would like to become a birthday cake sponsor then please get in touch with Rebekka.







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