Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

miklosandlankiSome thousand years ago the old prophet wrote: ‘Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor rivers drown it.’ In a world like today where there is war, where children are fearful and hungry, where there is so much hate – love is our most effective tool. I firmly believe that the brightest kind of flame is love – our only hope of healing - because if we love one another we can overcome all the hurt and sadness of this world. Love is the essence of our work in Romania.

I mentioned to you that The Rainbow House is for children who have been born into poverty and neglect. They never had the privileges our children experience. They are accustomed to living in dirty shacks with no sanitation. They experience hunger and neglect. They survive freezing winters. They experience discrimination and some experience abuse.

It is beautiful to see that The Rainbow House has become a healing place for these children. A place where they are loved, accepted and taught with patience and care.

Each day we have children from impoverished families coming to The Rainbow House. The children don’t have running water at home. At The Rainbow House they can wash and change into clean clothes. They love to sit around the table and eat together. They play and they learn for school. They don’t own toys so doing activities like finger painting and building train tracks is a mind blowing experience. Here they can be children!

My friend Emilie who recently joined me on a trip to Romania writes: ‘The simple craft activities bring oodles of joy. We brought little plain cardboard boxes for the children to decorate with pens, stickers and plastic jewels. The children chatter with excitement as they create their little treasure boxes. We then showed them how to make little bracelets from elastic and little coloured beads with letters on, spelling out their names or words like 'friend' and 'love'. Rebekka and I have great fun practising our Romanian! Doing craft activities with children is no big deal but remember, these or no ordinary children, from no ordinary homes. Their 'homes' are shelters at best, but not homes. They are filthy, flea-ridden, dark, oppressive hovels with no toys. For many going hungry is a regular part of life, as is neglect and despair.’

These children have become my champions. Against all the odds they shine. They are so full of life! When I see them at The Rainbow House I feel so proud of them. They are the most wonderful children. The Rainbow House is a place of excitement and discovery for them. They are trembling with excitement when they wash their hands under a running tap. Sitting around a table and eating has become a wonderful social experience. They eat, they play, they learn and they laugh. It moves me so much to see them happy. It means so much. We want them to succeed – against all the odds!

Emilie writes: ‘I feel like I am watching the cycle of poverty being broken before my very eyes. Because someone gives a damn about these families, because someone is prepared to go into these filthy places and meet with the families where they are these children who now have a chance to break free; a chance of a future without poverty and neglect.’

by Rebekka Maughan & Emilie Watson

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