Supporting Neglected & Disadvantaged Children in Romania

maria1Maria is 14 years old and from Portugal. In her summer holidays Maria and her friends decided to do something beautiful for Open Hands. Here Maria shares why she decided to help children in Romania and how she and her friends managed to raise 500 euros for the charity. It is a beautiful thing when children help other children in need and set an example on how to make a difference.

So Maria, why did you decide to do a fundraiser for Open Hands?

I live in Portugal, a country where everyone has access to education and the health service. A country that gives me the chance to follow my dreams and be happy. So why don´t we help other children to be happy and follow their dreams, too?

Some children dream of being a doctor, an engineer, the founders of their own charity, or other amazing jobs. These are children who would give everything to have the same opportunities that I have. These children just want to be loved and happy. Every child deserves the same rights and that is the reason why we decided to do a fundraiser.

maria19What do you like about this charity?

I like about Open Hands that the charity helps children to be happy, loved, confident to be themselves. Open Hands teaches the children how they can have a better future.

How did you get your fundraising idea?

I was camping with my brother and my causin. We were so happy because the holidays were great and so we started to make plans of what we wanted to do next week.

We decided to cook a family dinner. First, we just wanted to cook for our parents but then we decided to invite grandparents, uncles and friends. When we looked at the list we had 30 people written down! That’s when we had the idea to make an Open Hands fundraiser out of this.

maria8What made your event a success?

In my opinion what made my event a big success is that it was been organized by children to help other children and also because we had a lot of love and happiness to share with the others.

What message would you like to pass on to the children in Romania?

Always follow your dreams and your happiness because with the help of Open Hands everything can be possible, you just have to fight like the amazing people do and you will have a great future.

Much love from Maria, Maria Inês, Francisco and the rest of the team!

For those who would like to plan their own fundraising event Maria is passing on some inspirational advice:

What are the key things when planning an event like this?

Events like this require a lot of hard work and can´t be planned on your own. You need a team to help you.

1. You need a team

2. You need a guest list

3. You need to decide time, date and place of the event

4. Plan the meal - The meal is one of the most important things of the dinner. For the meal you could have 3 starters then everyone can eat a little bit of each. You will need 3 or 4 types of drinks for people to choose.

After the starters we made the main course. You need to have 2 types of main courses, perhaps one fish and one meat for the people to choose.

Next step desert, you will need 2 types of deserts.

5. Choose the theme. The main aim is to raise funds for Open Hands but you can have an additional theme for example : The summer where everyone must be wearing white clothes (people often wear white when they attend fundraisers in Portugal).

6. Plan the price list. After you plan the meal you need to see how much money everything will cost you and how much money people should give to cover the supermarket expenses.

7. Make the invitation.

8. The invitation should have a small introduction where you explain the event, the theme, the date/place/time and the price. Inform people about the Open Hands donation. Ask the people to choose a meal.

9. Choose the music

10. Organize the technology for the event.

11. You could do a PowerPoint presentation to show the people what Open Hands does.

12. Make a to do list.

13. Divide the tasks.

14. Enjoy the event.


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